Why Cooking Perspectives?

I. love. food. a lot! I’m not quite sure when or where this obsession started but it’s only gotten worse. I’ve always cooked, or tried to cook but nothing really fancy until I met my friend Beth. I was pregnant with baby 2 and she was pregnant with baby 1. She called me up and wondered if I wanted to take a pregnancy water fitness class. The plan: Make a fancy meal for our husbands and baby 1 that we wouldn’t dare attempt on our own and then go work it off in the pool. Sounded like an awesome plan and so it began every Tuesday night for about 6 weeks. As it turns out, cooking with a friend is a ton of fun. It evolved over the years and eventually as we added more and more kids the meals became simpler but we always liked to experiment with different things.

Now I have to say I don’t have a ton of original ideas but I can spot a good recipe. I have learned a lot of tips and tricks over the years that I hope to share with you here in my what should be called “obsession with food.” I may also mention dessert recipes are my favorite. I almost always have all the ingredients on hand to whip something up! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about some of my favorite recipes and how I meal plan and save a dollar.


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