Tin Whistle

We started Classical Conversations last year and I was a substitute tutor. Half way through the year I took over for another tutor. This year I was a tutor from the beginning. It seems a lot of tutors dread tin whistle. I know it can be tricky but hang in there and do your best. The kids will learn a little each year. I have 8-9 year olds and I’m amazed at how good they are.

Maybe this is a good time to mention I have a degree in music education. I was an assistant band director for a year and then taught general music for about 5 years. I long term subbed first grade in there too. Anyway, I believe you can do it and I’m here to help!

Although tin whistle is in the key of D many songs written for the recorder will work. If you google Recorder Karate you can find the images for “Hot Cross Buns,” “Merrily We Roll Along,” “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring,” and more! I like to have kids take three steps to learning a song.

  1. First we say the rhythm using ta for a quarter note, too-oo for a half note and te-te for eighth note pairs.
  2. Then I have them say the rhythm and finger along.
  3. Lastly I have them play.

Of course this could take some practice and they may also need to say the note names in there as a step. Instruments take a lot of time to learn and a lot of practice so don’t expect a ton in only 30 minutes 6 times total!

Here are some other resources.

“A Thump in the Night” by Sharon Burch

This is a music teacher who wrote books for very younger children to help them learn to read music. The character travel to Treble Clef Island and encounter many different places along the way. She has other books as well since the first one only introduces a few of the notes. Its a great way for the really little ones to get it or even older ones that prefer a story.

“Mr. Everybody’s Musical Apartment” by Miles Music

This is mainly made for teaching recorder but it teachers all the note names and some of the songs could be used for tin whistle or easily transposed.

As for just general music stuff, there are a lot of resources out there with fun games and materials to print for FREE. (My favorite word)

If you go to Color in My Piano and click on Printable> Games and scroll down there are some rhythm games and also some music staff games. You can print the music staff and then use M and Ms or gems from the dollar store to mark spaces and lines.

Here are a few ideas from my Pinterest board. //assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js“>Music Ideas

If you need more ideas please feel free to contact me with your specific situation and I will try to help out. If you have more ideas post them in the comments.


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