Why Homeschool Perspectives?

I have held a teaching certificate in three different states in the past 13 years. I am certified to teach K-12 music and I LOVE teaching. Growing up I loved music and loved teaching so I decided to teach music. It was a ton of fun but then kids came along and life happened and well….. I got burnt out. I taught in a high poverty school and really wanted to pour my life into the kids and did. But I also couldn’t take care of myself and my family with all I was doing so I decided it was time to stay home.

We had moved states with baby 3 on the way and things were a little crazy as baby 1 was entering school. We decided that it was best she go to public school. Kindergarten went awesome! She had wonderful, caring teacher and learned a lot. She loved school and made a ton of friends. Well, then came first grade. I decided to keep baby 2 home instead of sending her to preschool because of course preschool is a lot of play. Hey, we can play at home and so we did and had a lot of fun. So baby 1 at public school and babies 2 and 3 at home with me. First grade wasn’t as much fun as Kindergarten for baby 1. There were some girls (only 5 girls in a class of 17) that became quite controlling and caddy. There were “clubs” and “rules” some of the girls made up and my baby 1 was becoming frustrated and also bored with work. So after seeing how well preschool went with baby 2, I decided to take the plunge to commit to homeschooling them all (the current plan is through high school) and haven’t looked back.

Of course no day is perfect. There can be whining and tears and frustration, BUT there is also a lot of laughter, play and relaxation. It is so wonderful to not be tied to a specific schedule. We can work on what the kids need and want to at their pace. I will post more details as I get deeper into blogging, but that should be a nice start.


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