Amazing treats


So I used to be a major fan of Ben and Jerry’s and still am to some degree. Before we had kids we would play games with friends and eat Jimmy Johns and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I’m not sure if my taste buds matured or changed or what. I still enjoy Ben and Jerry’s but 4 years ago we moved to the area and I was pregnant. We live in an apartment complex until we could sell our house in Michigan and that happened to be right next to Hyvee. Not sure if that is heaven or trouble for a pregnant women. Whenever I was hungry or had a craving I just walked a short distance and got what I wanted.

I discovered Talenti at Hyvee and my absolute favorite flavor is Caramel Cookie Crunch. Creamy Vanilla with Caramel swirls and bits of crunchy cookie. It is just amazing. The price was a little steep at $5-6 a pint depending on where you bought it but I realized that Target sells it. It frequently goes on sale 2/$7. In my grieving, I picked up two pints at Target and decided to try some flavors I haven’t tried before. The raspberry cheesecake was awesome! It had such a nice flavor with a ribbon of raspberry goo. The chocolate peanut butter cup had these little PB cups in it. I like it because it’s not overly sweet and it tastes incredible. I suggest you try some! OR just call me and you can come over and share mine.

The containers are nice too. We save them and my father in law has used many in his shop for various thing.

Hope you try some!



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