Healthier Choices

So I have tried the P90X diet plan, Ive gone paleo (only for two days), and I’ve tried juicing. While some people are able to make these changes and keep up with them, I feel like my body hates me and I crash and burn. So I’ve tried a new approach. First, I started with buying sparkling water. I drink mostly tea and water but I do like to make sweet iced tea and have some pop occasionally. So my first big switch was to drink water, tea, and sparking water. I do have times where I have 7UP and orange juice or another drink but I try to keep those to rare occasions.

My next move was to cut only sweets. I’m not talking all sugar, carbs etc. I usually eat something sweet 1-2 times a day like a piece of chocolate, a muffin, cake etc. I found if I tried to cut carbs and sugar and everything it was just too much and I crashed and burned but I actually went Monday through Friday and didn’t eat any sweets and then had an oreo blizzard Friday night. I also had some ice cream cake at family dinner on Sunday but baby steps! It’s a lot better then everyday. I plan to try again Monday through Friday with no sweets.

I usually eat three eggs for breakfast. For me this has become routine and is quite easy. I started adding vegetables to my breakfast as a small change as well.

Breakfast Ingredients

Breakfast Ingredients

So about once a week I steam broccoli and then chop it up and stick it in a container for the week. I also chop up green onions. I switched from 3 whole eggs to 2 egg whites and one whole egg as well. This was another small change but one to be a bit healthier.



So I start with some cooking spray, I have coconut oil but I feel like everything sticks with it. Maybe I will go back and try it again some day. I let my pan heat and then add in my green onions and broccoli to let them heat a bit.



Next I add my eggs and a little salt and pepper. I don’t like to dirty more then I have to so I don’t beat my eggs ahead of time.



Then I start mixing my eggs up with a spatula. I told you my pictures weren’t pretty but I promise it tasted great.

Grape tomatoes and avocado

Grape tomatoes and avocado

Finally I had in my grape tomatoes cut in half and half an avocado. The avocado is a new addition. A friend says she adds it and it helps her stay fuller. Sometimes I will add some feta or mozzarella cheese if I feel up to it.



And I’m sure it looks like scrambled mess in the picture but it really does taste great and fills me up. I made the change to eggs years ago and find them so easy to whip up. Sometimes my kids will eat egg sandwiches or egg wrap but usually I just scramble their eggs plain. I think adding the vegetables has been a great switch for me and a gradual change.

So start small and make small changes to keep yourself healthy. I’ve tried both the big and the small changes and personally I feel that the small changes stick.



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