Banana Cheesecake


Maybe you throw out your bananas before they look this nasty. Actually these didn’t look that bad before I put them in the freezer. When I know that we won’t eat them and I don’t have time to bake something, in the freezer they go. It turns out I had 12 bananas stored up and needed to do something with them.  I usually make banana bread and freeze it for days that we need a quick breakfast but I didn’t need that much banana bread. So, I started to search for something else. I found this awesome Banana Cheesecake over at the Vanilla Sugar Blog. Some friends of ours said we had to try banana cheesecake at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse. This is the description: “ROASTED BANANA CHEESECAKE | Topped with brulee of fresh banana and salted rum butterscotch.” Might I add their turtle cheesecake is amazing too. Anyway, I had borrowed my mother in laws spring form pan for something else so I thought why not try this cheesecake. So here we go.


I started with the crust recipe and took her advice to make it go up the sides. I also have to say that using a glass really helped smooth out the crust. This was also Vanilla Sugar’s suggestion.


Here is what the batter looks like. It was fairly thick and creamy and really filled the pan as you can see below.


So she wants you to sprinkle some lemon juice on the bananas and I just wanted to share my little gadget to get fresh juice. I do usually just have store bought lemon juice concentrate because I never buy buttermilk but rather put a little lemon juice with some milk. I do prefer fresh lemon juice but it all depends on what its for. Anyway, maybe you have seen this but it’s just a glass hand juicer.


I wish I could tell you where I got it but it was a hand me down from my mom.


So I’ve never really made cheesecake before. I know some people do a water bath but I didn’t. She suggested putting it in at 320 for an hour and then turning off the oven and letting it sit for 1-2 hours. I think I let mine bake a little longer. As you can see the edges puffed up but my husband and mother in law reassured me that is just what happens.

I made some fresh whipped cream. Just took some heavy whipping cream and beat it until stiff peaks formed and while beating added some powdered sugar to taste. I don’t like mine overly sweet. I also made the caramel rum sauce and used Kahlua because that is all we had. It tasted awesome. I left the leftovers at my in laws so I wouldn’t eat any more. I forgot to take a picture of my piece but let me tell you it didn’t look like the pictures on the Vanilla Sugar blog. Each bite needed some cheesecake, caramel and whipped cream in it. Now I just have to figure out how to make the brûlée bananas that Johnny’s puts on top. Its so nice to have that crunch.

I hope you are brave and will try this recipe too!



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