God at Work

So, as I posted before, I miscarried our fourth baby about a three weeks ago and yes it is an awful thing to go through. I have to say I have heard of many people having miscarriages. It is very common but that is where my thinking stopped. I never thought about the fact that the baby still has to come out one way or another. Or that there may be remains and what do you do with them. Or you may still feel like you gave birth and have some of the symptoms and soreness and headaches from all the hormone changes. Or that you may have postpartum depression. Obviously the list could go on.

I want to share how through this not so great experience I could see God at work in my life. I found out at my Tuesday afternoon appointment that there was no longer a heartbeat and that the baby had died about 2 week prior to that point. I wanted to wait and try to miscarry on my own mostly because I pass out giving blood or at the dentist and the thought of them messing with me really creeped me out! Anyway, I stayed at home Wednesday and Thursday and most of Friday. We went to the library for a short time on Thursday but I was debating if I should take my girls roller skating on Friday for a couple hours about a half hour away. Everyday we had been taking a walk so I got the girls ready and we went to walk but we got to the communal mailboxes about a half block away form out house and I saw a loose dog. I have been bit by a dog before, so I told the kids lets just go home and I will walk on the treadmill. Within one minute of walking on the treadmill the miscarriage started and I ran to the bathroom. Now mind you we were getting ready to leave in just 20 min! I was so thankful to be at home. God was at work and knew.

Each person I contacted was very kind and understanding and largely said sorry. Many said they understood how I felt because they too had been through it. We had friends send gift cards for dinner. We had a couple other families bring us dinner. We also had my husbands family step up and come get the kids and take them out to dinner and overnight. So even thought awful things happens it is so nice to see God and his people at work to reach out and help one another.


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