Walking in Another’s Shoes

There has been a lot going on in our lives recently. A miscarriage and then a week and a half later the sudden death of my mom from a burst brain aneurysm and now my husband’s grandfather’s died. We each have our struggles and certainly mine are not worse then others. Let me give you a glimpse into my world the past month.

We drove to the hospital to see my mom who was in a coma from a burst brain aneurysm on a Tuesday night. They found it and were prepping her for surgery when it burst. The bleeding got worse and by which I mean they could no longer seen her brain on the CT scan because it was so filled with blood. So we decided to take her off ventilation. She died shortly after midnight, which was the day before Thanksgiving. We arrived at a hotel at 1:30AM and I didn’t sleep well at all. The next morning after sitting around a bit my husband encouraged me to get dressed and get out. We decided to kill time at IKEA until we heard where and if we were needed to make funeral arrangements. As I walked through the store with very swollen eyes looking like I had been hit by a truck, it made me wonder what other people were struggling with.

I imagine a picture of everyone in the store and it looks like everyone is fine but then you see these word bubbles above each head with statements like, “Just lost his job and is behind on a house payment” or “Recent cancer diagnosis,” “Chronic illness causes daily pain,” “Just lost 2 year old daughter after a month in ICU,” and the list could go on. It made me think about those people you encounter that may not look so happy or may be short with you. They aren’t mad or upset with you most likely. It’s a reflection of a deeper hurt that they are struggling to deal with. The need for grace in our world is so great. We all think we have the answers and we all are typically easily offended. Have you ever had a friend say they were going to call and then not? I don’t know about you but my reaction is thoughts like what did I do to upset them, am I that not important, or she must not like me. In reality how many of us have forgotten something and maybe never even realized we forgot it. The world has so many moving parts and unfortunately none of them stop when we have a bad day or even a bad month.

On Sunday, I went and heard a speaker at our church and her story was crazy! I’m not even sure how else to explain it. It was so frightening and awful. God used it to rescue her but I still imagine running into her in the grocery store in the middle of all her chaos. Some people don’t have bad days or months. This women’s nightmare dragged on for more then ten years. TEN. YEARS. I cannot even imagine.

Take heart and have grace with others. Always try to think of what they are going through and the pain they may be dealing with. It may or may not be their own fault, but remember that God loves us even though we are so undeserving, so broken, and so unloveable. He gives us grace constantly and we should extend that grace and love to others.


4 thoughts on “Walking in Another’s Shoes

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