I have never been much of a coffee drinker. I don’t mind coffee IN my cake or my tiramisu but as a drink…. no thanks. Plus, it seems I’m really sensitive to caffeine. So I imagine that the amount of caffeine in coffee may make me even nuttier than I already am! Anyway, I’ve always liked tea and stuck to very simple teas like Chamomile tea and always drank it hot. I also loved all the fruity teas and would just drink celestial seasonings. The I upgraded to Tazo tea and my favorite was Passion.

On a trip to Traverse City, Michigan we happened upon a tea store in the small town of Glen Arbor, Michigan called The Great Lakes Tea and Spice Company and this is where my tea transformation began. I was introduced to the world of loose leaf teas. One of my favorite that I made into an iced tea was Mackinaw Breeze. They have a cherry tea that is very good as well. I left with several teas and a Teaze which is quite the slick invention. You add your loose leaf tea and then fill it with hot water and let it steep for the directed amount of time. Then you put this contraption on top of a cup and it empties right into it leaving the the tea leaves behind. It’s awesome! I use my tea leaves twice and then there is a little filter I pop out of the bottom and rinse it.

Well, then my husband went on a trip and discovered Teavana. He went in the store and tried a bunch of teas and learned all about cast iron tea pots and green teas and brewing temps and storage and the list goes on. Anyway he came home with a variety of teas but I fell in LOVE with Youthberry. I mean so much so that after I finished off what he had brought home before that he brought me back two full tins of youth berry alone. It is so yummy!

I usually add some raw honey from the farmer’s market to my tea. I have tried the sugar rocks and I still prefer the flavor of honey in my tea.

There are other flavors I enjoy as well. White tea from what I read can have more caffeine than black tea so I try to only drink it in the morning and then have an herbal tea at night.

So my go to Tazo teas are: Chamomile, Wild Sweet Orange (caffeine free) (these are the two I drink at night) and Organic Peachy Green.

My favorite Teavana teas are: Precious White Peach, Passion Tango, Blackberry Mojito, and of course Youthberry

And I don’t really buy celestial seasonings anymore. I don’t really care for the flavor after trying these. I will say there are a ton more flavors to try and I haven’t even put a dent in them. When I have been near a Teavana I’m with my kids and they don’t have the patience while I try all these teas. My husband tells me that you can have them brew any of them and sample them. They have in store samples just out too but many are iced.

Well you can tell I’m passionate about my tea drinking and still learning more each day but its always fun to try a new flavor.


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