Recipe Organization


How many of you have a stack or cabinet full of cookbooks or magazines? I have been there and decided that I never use half of the recipes. Now I have a system but it hasn’t been a priority in a while with homeschooling but I still use it at times. So here are the steps that I took to get the clutter and craziness under control. My cabinet doesn’t look too bad because I had done all this a while ago so what’s in there is what I want, although there are some things I don’t use.


When pulled stuff out to take pictures this is what it looked like. Sometimes I get lazy and just throw stuff up there but in 5 minutes I had it back to my two neat folders.


1. Purge cookbooks

Go through your cookbooks and get rid of any you use for only a few recipes. I kept my Better Homes and Gardens one because it’s a standard and I use it as reference. If there was only a recipe or two from each one book then I copied it or found it online and emailed it to myself for now. You could also use your phone to take a picture.

2. Purge magazines

I have gotten Taste of Home, Simple and Delicious, and Family Fun among others as either gifts or subscribed myself at a discounted rate. I love to get ideas from magazines. But instead of keeping the entire magazine I rip out the pages that I want and throw away the rest. Usually there is about a hand full of things I want from each magazine.

3. Create file folders

So I have one file folder for recipes to try and another one for the ones I’ve tired and like. If I try a recipe and don’t like it, I just trash it. If I do like it, I put it in a file folder and when I get several in there I enter them into my computer.

4. Enter your recipes online

I personally use the website pepper plate. It is free to join. There are some sites that you can simply copy and paste a link and it transfers the recipe. If my recipe is from my cookbook, I google it and usually can find it and enter it. If it won’t allow the link I simply do a lot of copy and pasting.


Once they are entered I use them on the website or the app. The app syncs with my phone and my iPad. I like it because I have a little stand for my iPad in the kitchen and I can bring up the recipes right there, no printing or wondering where the recipe is. I can set timers on the app and have multiple recipes up at once.  You can create a grocery list and even enter a menu in a calendar. I will try and put together a screen cast about it since I’ve been wanting to experiment with that anyway. I find it very convenient and it makes it easy to share recipes with others too.

Happy Cooking!


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