ABC Quilt

When Maya was in preschool we did a letter a week. We didn’t do any formal curriculum. I just printed activities that went with that letter and also included math activities. One of the things we did was to make a handprint art project that went with each letter of the alphabet. I got the idea from this blog, Mommy Minute. I did alter a couple like V. Instead of Vampire we did a volcano. We had a lot of fun with this project and ended up making it into a quilt.


I didn’t have a pattern. We used a Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint that you were able to use on fabric. Once the print dried for 48 hours, I laid a cloth over it and heat set it for 30-60 seconds. I have to say that I don’t wash it much and not sure I have yet so I’m not sure how it will hold up. Below you can see the close up of each block I made. My mother in law did all of the embroidery for me and it turned out great!


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