Challenge: The Gospel


I took this picture on our way home from Disney. This cross is in Southern Illinois.

As a teacher I casually would throw around terms like BD, LD, IEP, 504 Plan, etc. As a software developer my husband uses terms like object oriented design, encapsulation, separation of concerns, etc. Mortgage lenders have terms like PMI, ARM loan, and amortization. Each profession has its own fancy terms that they casually throw around and think that those around them know exactly what they are talking about. We too as Christian do the same thing. I came to realize this while taking a class at church. Words like salvation, the gospel, the gospels, etc are all terms that we use but not everyone knows what they mean.

Sometimes we get defensive or short with people that ask questions. As a homeschooling mom I want my kids to question everything and really understand the beliefs as well as the beliefs of others, but, as we know, sometimes its frustrating when people ask questions  How else are they to truly understand our point of view if they don’t ask questions?

How many times have you shared “The Gospel” this year? I can tell you I have not shared The Gospel with anyone. I suppose if you count my kids, then, yes, I have. I have always come from the camp that I will just live differently and people will see that I am different. There is some truth to that and I think we have to use wisdom and discernment as to when and where we bring up The Gospel, but we also need to make a point of actually speaking the words of The Gospel to others intentionally.

Could you articulate The Gospel to someone? Could you really explain what it was? I think until the last five years or so I couldn’t actually articulate it or point you to any scripture to support it either. Can I challenge you to write out The Gospel? There is no harm in using a script or a cheat sheet when talking to others. If we can’t remember the points or the scriptures then why not have a reference. Maybe you can articulate The Gospel and do so regularly and this post doesn’t challenge you at all. I’m simply sharing with you where I am at. I would love for you to share with me your writing of The Gospel and I will share mine in the next post.


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