My Testimony

Everyone has a story. Each of our stories is very different from one another. Some of our stories have similarities but our story shapes who we are and how we view the world.

I challenged you recently to write down The Gospel as you know it. Now I want to challenge you to write out your testimony. How did you come to know Christ? What’s your story?

Specifically include three things: 1) Tell me about what your life was life before you knew Christ. 2) Tell me about the date or moment of your conversion/profession of faith. 3) How is your life different now from how it was before you knew Jesus?

You don’t have to make it long although you can and you don’t have to share a ton of detail. I kept mine very simple.

You can share your story publicly or not. I would love to have you send it to me.

Here is my story below.

Before I came to know Christ I constantly was trying to be perfect. I kept trying to earn something or to be good enough. I figured I was going to heaven because I wasn’t as bad as those people around me. I was a “good” person. I came to Christ after I was married. I remember asking my husband “How do I know I am going to go to heaven?” He asked me if I had ever prayed and accepted Jesus. Frankly I hadn’t so I did. I still struggle with wanting to be perfect but I continually come to Him to ask for help and guidance. I look to God daily for strength and wisdom in how to deal with things. I try to focus outside myself and not on my perfection because I will never be perfect. I have hope.


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