Homemade Hand Soap

So I started making my own hand soap a while back. There are many recipes out there but I like to keep it simple. I can’t say I’m in love with it. It has backfired because it can clog the tip of the soap dispenser and then when people go to use it, it squirts all over them. At least 2-3 people have come out of my half bath with soap all over them.

I have used some of the Bath and Body Works foaming soaps but we are phasing those out. I usually find a deal on them for $2 or less, but still, that’s expensive. Plus, after not having smelly stuff in my house for so long, the scents are overwhelming.


So here is a picture of just about everything you need to make your own soap. The bar pictured is Dove unscented. You can add essential oil for a smell or some people recommend Tea Tree Oil to make it antibacterial. Any bar of soap works. I have used some of the scented soaps as well.


I just use my cheese grater and grate the soap. It’s kinda a pain. One time Hannah asked me to do it and accidentally grated her finger!


While I’m grating all this soap I get 4 cups of water boiling. Then I add all of it to the boiling water.

IMG_2913 2

I use a pot bigger than I think I need. Sometimes the pot overflows with the soap.


Hence the blurry picture. I was throwing the phone down trying to move the pot but it still boiled over. I just let it cook until it’s dissolved. Then I let it cool on the stove. You can cook it longer for thicker soap but it thickens some as it cools. Then I put it in a quart mason jar.

So we all go through times in our life where we have more time or more money, etc. I’ve been making this soap for a couple years and I’m just sick of doing it. So I’m switching.


This is 32oz of concentrated Hand soap. They also sell these plastic dispensers which I appreciate. I have a granite countertop with an undermount sink and I didn’t want anything glass and could not find an empty plastic one anywhere. They even have a pump for the large bottle. I use it in the shower and dilute it for body wash. I have used it full strength but I have to use only a drop because it’s so concentrated.

This super mild, sudsy wash makes it so nice to do as you’ve always been told – go wash your hands.  It has wheat germ oil and algae extract to moisturize; soy protein to condition; aloe, marshmallow (Althaea officinalis), and linden flower (Tilia cordata) extracts to soothe; and rosemary and arnica extracts to energize. So now it’s more like, “Go take your hands to the spa.”

ENJOY! no matter what you choose or what stage of life you are in!



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