Traverse City, Michigan Old Mission Peninsula Wineries

We lived in Michigan for around 8 years. Out of college my husband was hired on at Stryker. At the time I was working in the North Suburbs of Chicago and commuting an hour to work and back. He was offered a job in another suburb and at the time we were not married but he would make more money in Michigan and it was so much cheaper to live there. So he called and said “Want to get married and move to Michigan?” I said “YES!” So that’s what we did. That wasn’t the full proposal by the way.

Anyway, after several years about hearing about Traverse City, Michigan, we decided to check it out. My birthday is in January and so I told my husband for my 30th birthday that I wanted to go to Traverse City and so we spent 3 nights up there exploring. We have been back a few other times with friends.

In this post I’m going to tell you about some of out favorite places to visit and just how incredibly gorgeous Michigan is. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and spent a lot of time in the city and even up into Wisconsin on the lake but let me tell you the other side of the lake is just gorgeous! Now that I live on this side again I’m curious to see what Door County and some of those places look like but I will save that for another time.

Old Mission Pennsiula Wine

Map here

You wouldn’t think that Michigan would have any decent wine but it does! And there are plenty of wineries to check out. We haven’t done them all but I can tell you some of my favorites. Also we haven’t been in a couple years and wines and such do change so if they don’t still carry something I’m sorry.

Chateau Chantel

It’s as beautiful as it looks in the pictures. Its a bed and breakfast but we have never stayed there. Our friends have and said its wonderful but we have tried their wine. Last we were there they had totally remodeled their wine tasting room and have a deck overlooking the vineyards and the lake. We got a glass of wine and we sat on the deck enjoying the simply gorgeous views. My friend has even taken a cooking class here and said it was great. Our favorite wines: ice wine, Late Harvest Riesling and Cherry Wine.

Chateau Grand Traverse

This is the place we have stayed the most. It has 6 rooms that had been remodeled the last time we went and you can use the rest of the house. Each room has a private bath, private deck either overlooking the vineyards or the lake, a fridge, couch, TV, and a bottle of wine each night is included in your stay. I find this to be the most affordable place and we are somewhat frugal. Our favorite wines: Late Harvest Riesling, Gamay Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cherry Wine Sangria, Lot 49 Reisling

Peninsula Cellars

This is not a B&B but rather an old school house. It’s quite a unique winery. Our favorite wines: Old School White, Homework, Detention

Black Star Farms

Another B&B but we have never stayed there. They do have a cheese store right next to the winery that is rather small but sells some nice cheese. I believe they have a restaurant too but we have’t eaten there either. Our Favorite Wines: Arcturous Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Franc, Cherry Reserve (I add this to brownies instead of water)

This post is getting long so I will post another time about some of the food, sights and shopping later.



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