Resources to Teach Music at Home

So a lot of stay at home or homeschooling moms may want to incorporate music into their curriculum but they have no music background. Instead they focus on history or decide to have someone else teach their kids music lessons. There are ways to incorporate music at home with little experience. Of course you aren’t going to go out an buy a ton of musical instruments even though that would be cool. I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite music websites that I enjoy.

A great place to start is with websites from major symphonies. They all vary on what they have to offer but I think my favorite is the New York Philharmonic’s site.

San Francisco Symphony

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

New York Philharmonic

Nashville Symphony Orchestra

There are many there sites that offer a variety of online activities and are lots of fun for kids of various ages.

Creating Music– This a good site for lower elementary. There are a few games here that help train kids ear and they are very basic.

Phil Tulga– This is a great site especially for the older elementary kids and maybe even junior high. It links music to math and language arts in some really unique ways so it’s perfect for the home schooled kids that loves music.

Classics for Kids– This is an ideal site for mid to late elementary. There is a game to learn note names as well as a place to try and compose some of your own music.

Music Tech Teacher-This a site a teacher created and she uses it to teach her kids music classes at their own pace. Be sure to take a look around because there is a lot. There are many games but you will have to dig around some.

Exploratorium– I can’t say I have used much of this site but it did look interesting.

Hope this gives you a place to start!



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