Best Invention Ever!


I had a Kitchen aid blender and then it got broken. The glass broke and either the replacement part was way too expensive or they didn’t make it any more. Either way I was totally bummed, BUT I had a stick blender that I had gotten for christmas and I hadn’t used it much. I’m not sure why. IT. IS. AMAZING. It is the best invention ever. I don’t know why I ever bothered with a blender. I throw stuff in this cup and blend. It’s so simple and the clean up is SO easy! I love to blend my soups. No more transferring to the blender and then back.

I told someone I made smoothies for my kids in the morning and they asked how I had time. I simply have them add the ingredient and I just blend it. The cup can go in the dishwasher and then the blade part gets rinsed. Kayla is loving the life shakes and asked if she could have one for dinner. Goof ball! We have been experimenting with all kinds of recipes.



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