My Shaklee Story: Cleaning Products

I first should mention that I am a very frugal person! I enjoy saving money on just about anything. BUT, I will say that saving money has caused me issues. When we were remodeling out first house I was sent to the store to buy a toilet. Of course I thought it’s a toilet and bought the cheapest one and when I got it home it didn’t even work. So after admitting I bought the cheapest thing I could find and my husband reminding me that we are going to get our moneys worth, I went back and got a better toilet. I’ve learned over and over and over again, that there are some things just worth spending the money on.

So fast forward and many of you have probably heard of Norwex. They have some great microfiber cloths and such. My friend started selling their products and I was intrigued. I decided to take the plunge to going chemical free. I started talking to my mom and she said that Shaklee had similar products. I started with the Shaklee Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Microfiber Dish Sponge, and Super Microfiber Window Cloth. I did buy some Norwex products as well but mainly their cleaning paste, leather shine, and dryer balls. I decided to wait on the other products because Shaklee was so much less expensive.

Shaklee Product Shaklee Price Norwex Product Norwex Price
Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth $4.60 EnviroCloth $16.99
Super Microfiber Window Cloth $4.60 Window Cloth $18.99
Scour Off $8.50 Cleaning Paste $29.99

Now I realize that these aren’t exact comparisons. I will go into detail on some of these a bit later.

So I placed two orders and since I’m frugal and buy all my cleaning supplies on sale, I had a stock pile. I returned them to Target and got about $30 to go toward my new chemical free life.

My Steps to a Healthier Home

  1. I started making my own laundry soap. I always used All Free and Clear but found out I could make my own and get 400 loads for $9! And it didn’t irritate my skin. Recipe
  2. I started using all natural cleaning products in my home with the exception of Basic G. My family is prone to the stomach bug and I start to lose my mind when someone gets it.  I only use Basic G in my bathrooms. It does kill lots of germs, but without the harsh smell. I dilute it, spray it on and let it sit. I use the dish sponge in my shower (I don’t ever use it on dishes) and then I rinse the shower and let it dry. In my sinks I spray and scrub but then dry them with a towel. Basic G kills more germs then Clorox and lasts on the surface up to three days.
  3. I also started making my own hand soap. I have since stopped and started using Shaklee’s Hand Wash Concentrate. I love that it’s concentrated. I dilute it and still get awesome lather and didn’t get that with my homemade stuff.
  4. I use the laundry soap in my dishwasher. I replaced the rinse agents with the all purpose Basic H solution.

To keep it simple I tried to eliminate chemicals any where I could. The more I can make things the better because then I know what goes into them. So many times companies add fillers in their products that we aren’t even aware of.



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