Shaklee and Norwex

… not quite apples to apples. I talked about in another post how I got started using Shaklee and Norwex and that I chose to try some of the Shaklee products first because they were cheaper.

I want to add a disclaimer here. I have a few friends that sell Norwex and I even own some of the Norwex products. There are so many great products out there and we all use them for different reasons. I don’t want anyone to think I’m bashing another person or company. I’m simply stating my experience and understanding. If it helps great. If not, that’s fine too. I’d love to have your questions and comments.

Scour Off Vs. Cleaning Paste

b00430    norwex-Cleaning-Paste

  Shaklee Sour Off Norwex Cleaning Paste
Weight 9oz 6.76oz
Price $8.50 $29.99
Great for cleaning tubs, ovens, sinks, and tiles and it will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning these surfaces: copper, grout, cement, ceramic, and imitation marble. Removes rust stains, hard water stains, scuff marks, permanent marker, dirt, grime, soap scum and more
  Not recommended for glass Safe on glass
  It does not contain chlorine, bleach, or dye. Nontoxic. Phosphate-free Poison- and phosphate-free
  Made from natural mineral abrasives and biodegradable cleaning agents. Contains the active ingredients Marble Flour, Natural Soap and traces of Coconut Oil

I feel like these products compare well. I own both and use them both mainly in the kitchen. I have used the cleaning paste on my oven window with an abrasive scrubby and had good results. I have also used a soft cloth with the scour off on the stove top surface. If you use an abrasive sponge with the scour off on a glass surface it will scratch it. I mainly use scour off on my pots and pans in place of bar keepers friend. The paste is a little chalky for me and I have not had the results others claim in getting things off wall and other surfaces.

Shaklee Microfiber vs. Norwex EnviroCloth (Microfiber)b50409                     300001-Red-Enviro-1024x628

Shaklee Microfiber Norwex Microfiber
$4.60 $16.99
Doesn’t specify 1/200th the size of a human hair
 No Antibacterial Property Contains our exclusive BacLock* agent
Leaves surfaces clean and lint free. Has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions.
Super absorbent, microfiber cloth for all purpose cleaning with Basic H2™.  You are instructed to only use water.

Norwax works by trapping everything in the cloth and then you wash all the germs and such down the sink leaving the surface germ free. They also have silver woven into their cloths so that in 24 hours the cloth is clean again which is suppose to cut down on the need for washing it. It also is not suppose to smell. So here Norwex has the superior product despite the price. I have to say I do not own one. Again because of being frugal, I bought an ecloth.  Here is the set I bought from Amazon. It had four microfiber cloths and one window cloth for $28. They do not contain silver but other then that I find them comparable and I use them in the kitchen as a dish rag and when I do my house hold cleaning. For me the anti-bac was not a draw. I also have Shaklee microfiber and use them in the kitchen to wash dishes and such.

Shaklee Window Cloth vs. Norwex Window Cloth

b50410         norwex window cloth

Shaklee Window Cloth Norwex Window Cloth
$4.60 $18.99
Use this super absorbent, microfiber cloth for glass and window cleaning with Basic H2™ Removes EVERYTHING from all surfaces.
 Leaves windows and mirrors clean and streak- free. Eliminates residual “chemical muck” left behind by typical cotton cloths and harsh cleaning products
To clean windows, mirrors and glass: Add 16 oz. of water in a Get Clean Spray Bottle. Add 2 drops of Basic H2™. Spray on surface and wipe off with a Get Clean Super Microfiber Window Cloth. To clean glass, lightly mist the surface with water and polish with a dry Window Cloth.
No anti bacterial property BacLock, the micro silver agent in the cloth, goes to work with self-purification properties against mold, fungi and bacterial odor within 24 hours so that it is ready to use again.

I don’t own the Norwex window cloth. I bought the set of 5 elcloths and it has 4 microfiber and one window cloth. I actually use the Shaklee and the ecloth window cloth. I find them both to work well. Since I use my dryer balls and dry my shaklee window cloth it does pick up the fibers and I will find them on my mirror. I could air dry them but I’m lazy.

I know Norwex is an awesome product and so many people love them. Their cleaning paste does last a long time. I think there are comparable products for the price and I like to have several cloths. Norwex says you can use the same cloth to clean the bathroom and wash dishes but I know that bothers most of us.

Well, there you have it. I will say I do want to buy a Norwex Dusting Mitt. A friend said she went to a party and you just get it wet and wash the screens! So simple. It also stays on your hand well not like the knock off I got at Menards.






3 thoughts on “Shaklee and Norwex

  1. I have purchased the ecloth to compare to the Norwex before deciding on having a party. I like that you can use basic h with the ecloth. You can use vinegar and water with the Norwex Enviro cloth. They are both good cloths if price isn’t an issue Norwex is the top of the line.
    As far as the widow cloth goes between ecloth and Norwex there is no competition Norwex wins hands down.
    Shaklee scour off is made from cherry pits that is why the product is pink and smells sweet.
    I like scour off everywhere except for the shower. The pink gets in my grout lines and is a booger to remove.
    I purchased the Norwex paste and used it in my shower today and I like it so far. We will see how well the shower stays clean. I used the Norwex paste in my kitchen stainless steel sink and really like how shiny the paste made my sink. The paste has coconut oil in it, so it moisturized the surface while cleaning.


    • Shaklee has a window cloth for about $4.50 and it works great. Also correction the Scour Off has raspberry oil in it to give it the scent not cherry pits 😀

      I have not had an issue with scour off in the shower. Are you sure it’s not the build up of water and grime. I don’t use it in my show but get a pink on my tile and grout that comes clean with basic g and some scrubbing. I’m not even sure what to call it. I mostly use scour off in the kitchen and it rinses Clean very easily.

      I had trouble with Norwex paste and getting it to rinse away. I tried and tired and ultimately gave the paste away as I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

      Everyone is different though and each have products we prefer!


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