Emotional Day

So I’m not sure what happened, but today was just an emotional day. First off, I’m a women so emotions can rule our lives. Second off, I think that sometimes the death of my mom and the miscarriage hit me at the strangest times. So here we go….

Last night Adam and I were listening to a call for Shaklee. There are lots of training and coaching calls but this particular one was a women with MS sharing her story. For those of you that may not know, my husband has Multiple Sclerosis and has since before we got married. Anyway, this women went along with no issues for 13 years and then one day she woke up and couldn’t feel her legs. She ended up being taken to the hospital in an ambulance and they determined it was a new legion. She had been on MS drugs, all which I can attest have not great side effects. She ended up in the hospital for a month and eventually had no feeling in her legs. From what I gather our CEO Roger Barnett sent her some vivix and other things to try and she eventually started walking again. She continues to improve using the Shaklee products. She take the vivix, vitalizer, and life shake. This all hit me for two reasons: 1) Adam at any moment could lose his health and it may be very sudden 2) I’m so thankful that we have Shaklee so hopefully we can prevent or keep at bay this kind of episode. If anything it will at least help him regain his health if he does happen to have an episode. I really was hesitant to do a business but my mom was passionate and would practically give the products away because she just wanted to get them into the people’s hands. So that brings me to the next thing that hit me today.

I was preparing for a Facebook party and someone had sent me this video.

It’s not exactly uplifting and don’t ask me why but all at once I started to cry and it hit me. All these years, I thought my mom was so pushy with all her natural remedies. She was just trying to protect us and give us the best she possibly could. Three out of four of us were birthed at home in the late 70’s early 80’s. She did have a doctor come to the house. We were breastfed when formula feeding was popular. I still don’t really care for milk because she always told us it was mucus forming and to avoid it. We never had pop in the house and always had to take our vitamins. Even as an adults she would hand us a stack of information on MS and we just weren’t ready to hear it. So I was feeling some guilt today and then it made me sad that she couldn’t see me continue her business by trying to reach out and help others.

Adam and I just listened to a testimony of another guy with progressive MS that had been in a wheelchair for 8 years and after 11 months taking Shaklee products he can walk using the wall to stabilize him and he stood in the shower unassisted.

The reason I chose to do this “Shaklee” thing goes beyond money. Sure I want to have a back up plan if anything happens to Adam because currently I stay at home and homeschool. If he were bed ridden I would have to pay for daycare and go back to work and who would take care of Adam.? The thoughts terrify me. Adam started with one simple product that made a difference and now we are looking at what’s next. We also have hope in Christ. Those that know me I hope that goes without saying. So there is my emotional day. I did cry several times throughout the day just thinking about all of this and contemplating.



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