Healthy Lunch Alternatives

So yes I really like to be healthy and try to feed my kids and my family well but this little thing called life always seems to get in the way. There is homeschool, piano, choir, etc. I’m usually on top of breakfast. I make the kids egg sandwiches or egg wraps but I also do waffles or apple pancakes. For those days I’m really busy they can have cereal or muffins. They don’t eat a lot of cereal and they really don’t care for cereal. Lunch is a different story. I like to have sandwich, soup, or salad. Sometimes my kids are good with that but to be honest we do a lot of fish sticks, cheese quesadillas, mac n cheese or peanut butter and jelly. I have tried to come up with healthy things but it always seems like I can’t find good ideas. I came across this recipe somewhere, not even sure where.

I decided to make it and see how they liked it. I have to say they weren’t thrilled but I made them eat it. I’m a good mama like that! I thought it was good and I was hoping that if I got in the habit of feeding them healthy at lunch maybe they wouldn’t reject it so much. My kids aren’t very picky eaters but I once read the book French Kids Eat Everything and was so fascinated by how things work in other countries that I was inspired to help my kids have a love of good food. We do mostly some sort of protein and a vegetable at dinner and they usually eat that right up.So on to the recipe…


Well I didn’t have exactly what the recipe called for so I’m one to just wing it. I used walnuts instead of almonds and whatever kind of apple I had in the fridge. So maybe I will need to have a redo with the right ingredients and they will like it better. But I did splurge for the “good” dressing. I suppose I could have made my own too but I was too lazy!


So here is all that yummy goodness thrown into a bowl and I didn’t measure any of it either because I just like to eyeball it and I was lazy. Who wants to clean more dishes than they have to?


And it’s done! And I probably should have added more dressing too but I didn’t want to make it super unhealthy either. Anyway, I thought it was good and my kids did eat it just not with glee! So I think I will give it another try. If you try it let me know what you and your kids think.



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