Why I use Shaklee Vitamins

I have always struggled with anxiety. As a result, I have also always struggled with stomach issues. I’ve found that if I take a probiotic it is very helpful. I have tried many over the years and can’t recall them all but not all are created equal or work very well. You will notice that they tell you how many million or billion they contain. They also contain various strains. My sister recommended Floragen 3. You don’t need a prescription to take it but you do need to sometimes get it at the pharmacy counter. I found it works well and had been taking it for sometime.

In October of 2014, I woke up which I frequently do in the middle of the night and I just didn’t feel good. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom and as I sat on the edge of the bed I really started to not feel well. So I quickly flipped on the light and woke my husband and then got on all fours and that’s all I remember because I passed out. I vaguely recall my husband holding my hand and saying something but I couldn’t hear him and as I came to, he was saying my name. He said I passed out and he thought I had a seizure so he called 911. I started to have the shakes so he covered me with a blanket. He wanted me to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. This is sort of familiar to me because I have passed out before but usually at the dentist or because I see blood but never just waking up. I also have been in an ambulance several times for panic attacks (not cool, and super embarrassing!) Anyway, they ran tests at the ER and nothing was wrong. I had a follow up with my doctor and the only thing she could see was that my iron was just slightly low and it had dropped a couple points in the past two months so she wanted to do a internal ultrasound, a colonoscopy, and a heart monitor, all which came back normal. So I needed to take some iron supplements.

Now I had grown up taking vitamins and had been around long enough to know that not all vitamins are created equal. Some I would take and they would upset my stomach or I would feel no change. So I went to the health food store and found some iron. If you aren’t familiar with iron it can upset your stomach and cause constipation which is not fun at all! Within a few months my numbers were back to normal. So why did I start taking Shaklee Vitalizer?

Floragen 3 is about $13-15 a month and the iron about the same so I’m at $26 a month and all I’m getting is two things I need. So I venture to the health food store thinking there has to be a multivitamin for about that price. Well, I was wrong. All of them were $50+ and that didn’t include the probiotic. I found that Shaklee Vitalizer contained everything I need (I use prenatal as a standard) and also had the probiotic. If I joined as a member for a one time fee of $20 I got a discount (or with some options join free) and a further discount if I had it auto shipped everything month so that’s what I did.

I also have lots of health issues in my family and my parents died at 61 and 65 and I want to live a long healthy life. I think of this as my insurance. Adam is just getting started on the Life Strip and I will let you all know how it goes.

Now although that was my original reason for taking the vitamins I have learned a lot about the company and am super impressed with their quality and integrity. I will have to save that for another day.



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