Crockpot Meal

We all know I like to cook. Although lately I haven’t had as much time and I’m just throwing stuff together. I did plan one crockpot meal last week and I have made it before. It’s called Conga Lime Pork and it’s from Taste of Home. Let me be real honest here. I like to try and plan my meals and I know all you mom’s out there know it’s just a battle to plan the meal in the first place. Then you have to do all the grocery shopping to make sure you have the right stuff and let me tell you I live in town for a reason! I’m always forgetting an ingredient and luckily the store is only minutes away! The last battle…. REMEMBERING to take the meat out of the freezer. Sometimes I remember but then it takes WAY longer to defrost than I had planned. So if A, B, and C happen then dinner makes it to the table. Well, on this particular day I took out the meat and it was still mostly frozen, but I went ahead and browned it and stuck it in the crockpot anyway on low and just made sure I cooked it nice and long and it turned out well.


So here is the meal after it was all browned and in the crockpot. I didn’t have molasses so I just used honey. It wasn’t worth a trip to the store.


The slaw is yummy! Just a bag of broccoli slaw and some mango. I only added one mango but should have added two! I also added two limes and my family said it was a little much but I love it. The directions are in the recipe I linked above.

I’m about to share with you the best corn bread muffins ever! Don’t buy that box mix. I always keep cornmeal on hand just to make these!


Here are all the ingredients before I mix them up.


The batter is pretty thick. I use my Pampered Chef large cookie Scoop so I don’t make a mess putting them into a lined muffin pan.


Bake them until they are golden brown!


I served them with the shredded pork and slaw. It was yummy. My girls especially ate it up. They really like the pork. I think the honey over molasses was a wise move.





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