Shaklee Sport Nutrition

A few years ago I found out about a Tae Kwon Do program in town and decided to sign my daughters up for it. It was for all ages and so I thought it would be great for my husband to take the older two girls while I stayed home with the baby at the time. While as it turns out the girls didn’t like it but my husband did! Fast forward a couple years and he has advanced through the belts and recently began using some of the Shaklee Sport Nutrition and has seen a difference in his workout. He also recently started Kosama.

There are three steps to their products but Adam only uses two. The first is their energy chews. Second is the Shaklee Performance which is used during exercise. Third is Shaklee Physique is for after exercise and is a protein powder.

Performance comes in two flavors, lemon lime and natural orange and Physique come in only natural banana.
Shaklee does studies on a lot of their products and this is one on Performance.
Perfromance - Energy-Stamina scan0009
SUMMARY: Cyclists rode stationary bicycles at 70% VO2 max for 2-3 hours. Shaklee Performance, other carbohydrate-electrolyte prototypes, and water were given to the athletes at the rate of one liter per hour. Shaklee Performance maintained blood-glucose levels significantly higher than water throughout the test period, while maintaining plasma volume equal to that of water. Shaklee Performance also maintained higher plasma osmolality than water, helping balance thirst with fluid needs and supporting the osmotic drive to drink. It was also the best-tolerated of all the carbohydrate-electrolyte prototypes.
Shaklee Performance helped maintain athletes’ blood-glucose levels for muscle energy and fluid levels for proper hydration. After more than three hours of vigorous cycling in the laboratory, during which time the cyclists consumed either Shaklee Performance or water, the speed was turned up even higher. At this sprint pace, Shaklee Performance drinkers endured 33 minutes, while the water-only group lasted just two minutes.
Another interesting take on Shaklee Performance.
Daedalus Projetc
Below are a couple more documents that give you a few more details about the products.

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