Bistro Herb-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

I like to eat and I have become sort of a food snob. My husband often asks why don’t we just have tacos on Mondays and spaghetti on Tuesday, etc. Well, its mostly because I would get bored and want to eat out. I make the same thing every morning and afternoon so I figure dinner can be different, but who has time for elaborate. I need quick and easy! I know that means different things to different people and mostly it means that we need to do what we are familiar with. My dining goal is always a lean protein and a green vegetable. Occasionally we will have a carb like rice, potatoes or pasta, but more times not since we have so many others carbs in our day.

So on to our recipe!  It comes from Taste of Home and it’s fairly simple. Slice your tenderloin. I’m sure you could use chops but they wouldn’t be as tender. Then you mix up your spices and rub them on. Cook them in a pan like below and done!


There is a gravy and it’s just beef broth and flour but you could also skip this step.


It was really quite delicious and I hadn’t made it in a while. We like to also steam, roast or grill our vegetables. When I steam them I don’t do anything to them. If I grill or roast them I like to toss them with olive oil and/or vinegar and some spices. It all just depends on my mood and what dishes I’m willing to dirty.



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