The grass is NOT always greener

I cannot tell you how many days I feel sorry for myself and because I think the grass is greener on the other side. I know full well NOT to compare myself to others. It’s sinful and doesn’t produce any good fruit but man it’s so hard. Sometimes I’ve done it and said  well at least I don’t have all that going on. For instance, after we miscarried a friend had told me that a friend of hers lost a 2 year old child to a respiratory infection and of course I thought man my miscarriage is nothing compared to that. I have also compared the other way. Where does she get all that money to buy new clothes and here my shirts all have holes in the front of them. Oh the comparison game is a dangerous one and I’m full well aware of it but yet I still catch myself doing it and why? What am I hoping to accomplish?

I recently read an article about competition in business and growing businesses. We all see companies that are very similar say Walmart and Target or two grocery store chains. It could be easy for these companies to be so focused on what the competition is doing and what they aren’t doing. By doing so they wouldn’t be focused on what they have that makes their own company great and successful. If the company remains so focused on what they do well and how to capitalized on it instead of checking out what the competition is doing and trying to follow suit they will be much more successful. I’m in the multilevel marketing business and there are a lot of different companies out there. It could be easy to look at someone else and their success and wonder what I’m doing wrong. The articles point was to love your business and products so much that you don’t even see the competition or worry about them and if you do they don’t even bother you.

I felt like the same principal applies to our personal lives as well. Rather than looking at what everyone else was doing and what I wasn’t doing, I need to focus on what I have and am blessed with. When I focused on others I became pretty depressed and wondering what I was doing wrong. Instead, if we are so grateful for what God has given us and always looking for the blessing in our own lives then we won’t care what that other person has.

I was a person that found it hard to see the blessings in my life but have you ever heard of a product for the first time and then suddenly you hear about it everywhere. Or when I was pregnant or wanted to be pregnant it suddenly seemed like there were pregnant women EVERYWHERE. There really weren’t. The only thing that changed was my perception. I kept looking subconsciously for the pregnant women or for that product.

My point here is that we need to train ourselves to look for a blessing. A few years ago I went to a women’s conference and she told about how they weren’t going anywhere for spring break that year and the kids were bummed. So she took and hid 100 pennies around the house and the game was that every time the kids found a penny they were to shout a blessing. Well it caught on and to this day the kids find a penny on the ground and still shout a blessing. We are surrounded by blessing by we need to be trained to look for them. It might be silly things at first and it may take work. I have started recording the blessings I see in a journal and have taken breaks at various times but when I first started I listed things like going to the bathroom…alone! Or the kids not yelling at each other today. Slowly they evolved and I may be thankful for time with a friend, a haircut or an ice cream cone. They are all still simple things but I also started to notice other things. When I was down about my new business one day, suddenly an order came though. I saw that as Or when I miscarried Adam was home and not traveling which at the time was a busy travel time for him. I started to notice how God was orchestrating things in my life. I had seen him work in larger ways when we moved out of state but now I was noticing it in smaller ways.

My goal is to fall so in love with what God has blessed me with that I don’t even see what others have and covet it. I want to overfill with joy and thanksgiving for what I have. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t happen overnight and it will be hard but will you join me?



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