Just. Keep. Going

Don’t you ever want to give up? I can’t tell you how many days I question what I am doing in many areas of life. Whether it be homeschooling, business, blogging. I mean really who reads all this stuff with no pictures? I think a lot of times we make a difference and don’t even realize it. We live in a society of instant gratification. We look around and think that people have what they have because they got lucky or it just landed in their lap or someone gave it to them. But really it took a lot of hard work.

We went to Disney this past fall and I was just amazed at all the parks and the people and the money that had been poured into it. I just kept thinking they were making a killing! I had been as a kid and it was nothing like it was today. When I got home I was intrigued and started to read Disney’s story about how he started out and it was not a glamorous road. He tried and failed time after time. Sometimes his films were flops. Sometimes he ran out of money. Yet he kept going and look where he is today. I wonder if he were alive today if he would be surprised at the success of his company.

When Adam and I first got married and started out we were so worried about buying our first starter home. I remember one year going to the parade of homes and just being in awe at some of the homes and thinking we would never be able to afford anything even close to that. We had a nice starter home and had remodeled it but we couldn’t imagine affording a house with granite and nice shower and jacuzzi. Well fast forward ten years and we could. It wasn’t overnight that it fell in our lap and there were quite a few changes with me staying home but yet we kept working hard.

As a homeschooling mom I often wonder what I am thinking. Are my kids learning anything? Have we done anything fun this year? I feel like all we do is bicker or put out fires with sibling squabbles or messes, etc. For a while I would blog monthly on a personal blog and go back and write about what we did. I did that for myself but also so Adam’s family could read about it. Well, I was always amazed at all the things we did and all the stuff I had forgotten about. It was fun to keep the kids work and see their progress. Maya expressed interest midway through the year at starting cursive. She is only in first grade! I look back at her handwriting from last year and it was so hard to read but now she writes pretty well in cursive. We didn’t do anything fancy just a page a day four days a week and there was improvement.

Success doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t happen quickly. The most important thing it to keep at it. Keep going and you will see results. If you fail, its ok just stand back up and keep going. We will get knocked down and bruised and beat up but in the end all that matters is that we kept going!

Where do you struggle with disappointment in your life? Keep a journal of success or good things that happen to look back on as encouragement.



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