Fast, Delicious Dinner

Well, if you have been reading my blog for a while then you know I like to cook and EAT! It’s too bad I wasn’t blogging when I went through my phase of making homemade cakes. We would all gain 20 pounds, but spring is upon us so who knows what that will bring!

We eat a lot of chicken here because it’s fairly inexpensive and good for you. I will also grind my own chicken to make burgers. My price point for boneless, skinless, chicken breasts is $2 a pound or less. I usually buy about 10-20 pounds at a time and have them put a breast set in each package. Some grocery stores pre package their meat but the store I go to you have to go to the meat counter and they package it. It can be an advantage because they will a lot of time chop it or prep it for you if you ask.

That being said I don’t have a formal recipe. I take my chicken breasts and I cut them so that they have a pocket or cut them almost all the way through.


I then stuff them with spinach and herb goat cheese. We had already cut up the spinach for our salad so I picked the pieces out of our salad bowl 🙂 Aldi carries herb goat cheese and I find it’s half the price of goat cheese at other grocery stores. Usually I probably wouldn’t use an entire 4oz in two breasts. Generally about 1 ounce per breast but since I didn’t have another use I didn’t want to waste it. Once I stuff the breast I close them and stick toothpicks through them to hold them together.


I then spread olive oil on them and sprinkled salt and pepper. I have bought this gray sea salt from Penzey’s and I really enjoy it. I grilled the breasts and my kids love them. We had asparagus as our veggie again and it’s been like three nights in a row and they aren’t thrilled. Adam did the grocery shopping these past few weeks.


I hope you enjoy this recipe or lack there of one. I would certainly experiment. You could add some sun dried tomatoes to the middle as well or try a plain goat cheese or another variety of goat cheese. Sometime I put feta and spinach in the middle. It’s all what sounds good to you.



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