So I struggle with anxiety. I have for as long as I can remember and I’ve been to a lot of counseling with various counselors. Some helpful and others not so helpful. The guidance I found most helpful was to identify irrational thoughts such as “I’m going to die” or “Everybody hates me.” Once we identified the irrational thoughts we came up with counter thoughts to those such as “I have been checked out by a doctor and nothing is wrong. I will be ok.” or “Some people may not like me and that is ok but there are plenty of people that love me.” This was a helpful exercise along with accepting how I feel and  breathing normally.

Well, nothing is a perfect solution and if you know anything about anxiety you know that you will always struggle. It will never quite go away but you can learn how to manage it. As some of you know after my mom’s death I took over her home based business. I was looking to begin one under her anyway. I have to say that this process of learning the business in just three short months has been great for my anxiety. I can’t say I have loved dealing with it but man I’m certainly working on myself. So you see I would get disappointed everyone once in a while like maybe when it seemed like everyone else got invited to something and I didn’t or maybe when I found out someone I loved said something hurtful about me. Well, in the multi-level marketing business you get disappointed a lot. You hear “no” a lot and it’s not personal. Just not everyone wants what you have to offer and some aren’t even willing to hear you out. This has been great for me because I have to learn on a daily basis how to accept it and just move on. I can’t over think it and wonder, “Was it me or something I said?” I will tell you that I still do some of that but it can get you down. The business also has fun, exciting, up times and other times where you are down. I have had to learn in these three short month how to deal with.

The other day as I phone a VERY kind and loving friend who told me I needed to write down affirmations. After she explained them and gave examples they sounded very much like my irrational thoughts I learned to counter. See you take a thought like “My kids are driving me insane and I can’t seem to get any school work done.” and you turn that into a statement like “I love my kids and the time we have to spend together. Our days are very productive and we have quality instruction time in math, science, reading, and writing.” You do this for each thought you have and then you post them or read them to yourself daily. I know it totally sounds crazy but I have heard this more than once from wise people.

Darren Hardy has another take on it. I find it all quite interesting. As I grew up my dad had me read a book called “The Inner Game of Music.” There were other books with similar titles and it came down to that our mind and thoughts control how we perform in many areas. So I sat down today and I wrote out my affirmations and posted them on the mirror. What have I got to lose? NOTHING! I have everything to gain. It’s all about attitude!



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