Shrimp for dinner?

So I think my kids are pretty darn normal but then again maybe they aren’t. A good friend of mine came for New Year’s after the great disaster of the fall. She brought food and cooked for us and planned several New Year’s activities. Well, she brought a small plate of shrimp cocktail and my kids ate it in a matter of minutes! They do love shrimp and I usually have to buy a couple bags of it when I make it for dinner because they just devour it. I like shrimp but I have to say it’s not my most favorite food ever.

Lemon-Basil Grilled Shrimp & Couscous is a recipe that I enjoy and have made a couple times. I also love that shrimp cooks super fast and really doesn’t take a lot of time to defrost either. For this recipe you make a marinade and reserve some. Then, you make the couscous, which cooks super fast. Then I just flash fry the shrimp in a pan. It says to grill it but that would mean I need to skewer them and ain’t got time for that! Maybe I will try in my veggie grill pan this summer though. You can toss it all together or keep it separate.


I also usually try to serve a veggie with every meal and a fruit at breakfast. So we just pick out some green beans or broccoli or whatever sounds good and steam them up! Viola! Dinner!


Do your kids like shrimp? What is the craziest thing they have eaten?



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