Getting Ready to Go


I’ve never been to New York. As a matter of fact I haven’t flown on a plane in 12 years! Adam’s a pro and he even has the TSA pre check so I’m happy to be traveling with him because he knows the ins and outs of it all! Of course, I’m a planner and want to have all the details figured out and that’s just not how things are going to work out on this trip. I have a general idea of what to expect but the rest I will figure out when we get there.

Adam and I have gone through 4 training sessions training us on how to use The Story. There is actually an app to use when you are out and about to help you talk to people. It focuses on engaging people in conversation by asking four questions:

  1. How did it all begin?
  2. What went wrong?
  3. Is there any hope?
  4. What will the future hold?

Now each conversation will be different but this gets us started. Adam has been trained on all this before so he has an advantage! We spent time in our training role playing with each other and it all sounded so easy until we had to open our mouthes. I’m very interested to see how this all goes. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to talk and I’m completely ok with engaging ANYONE in conversation as long as I can find something in common with them. The trick for me will be tying the gospel into our conversation and looking for a way to naturally weave it into conversation.

So that was one aspect of getting ready for the trip. The other is more logistical like who’s going to get our mail and water our plants. Do we need rain gear and where are we going to get it? The kids are slightly worried. They have heard some stories about missionaries being harmed and so when they hear the word “mission trip” they are afraid we are going to get hurt. We have tried to reassure them but they are concerned. I know we leave in a couple days but not quite sure the reality of it all has set in yet. I’m sure it will become VERY real on Sunday. Right now I don’t have a ton of thoughts but I’m sure I will as the week goes on. We have been praying for open hearts and and for our own hearts. Also that we would be good listeners and that God would place the people he desires in our paths.



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