Well today we did another prayer station in an area called “The Hub.” It was a 50 minute subway ride and that was on the express. We arrived just aftern 11:00AM. It was very hot and busy. To start the day was hard. We were in the sun and people didn’t seem very open and receptive. After about an hour we moved to one side of the street in the shade and we are felt a lot better. It seemed like a tough area to me and that people didn’t want to talk or pray with you overall. We did share the gospel 79 times and had 16 salvations and prayed with 101 people. So God was at work despite the push back we were feeling.

Each person I talked to about the gospel felt like they were a good person and tried to do the right thing so they should get into heaven but then when I explained Jesus is the only way to salvation and that we need to recognize them as a savior they would say they already believed that.  It was difficult to bridge the gap and it may just be that their heart wasn’t ready.

The prayer requests I received today were very vague and some were hard to pray for even after trying to ask more detail. One person said health. Another two women came up and said they needed a miracle but when asked for more specifics they wouldn’t give any so I did my best with what I had.

This is Adam with our cord leader who truly has the gift of evangelism. She had lead this person to Christ and Adam got to be a part of it. His name was Jesus. 😀

Tomorrow we will be at Washington Square Park and be doing suveys again. 


That we were able to be in the shade today. 

That despite it being a hard place to be there was fruit.

Each of us is growing no matter who we are and how we share.


Pray for each person we talked to that what we shared would bother them and give them no rest until they resolve things in their heart.

Prayers for three of our cord members. One has to stay back because she hurt her knee, another felt sick today and had to come back to the hotel and yet another didn’t feel well all day from what they ate last night.

It is suppose to be very hot tomorrow and coupled with the heat pray that there is shade and that we can endure throughout the day!

Begin to pray for safe travel and for flights to be on time and bags to stay on track and that we would have no issues.



One thought on “Thursday 

  1. You are planting many seeds. You may never know if they take root, but God knows. Sometimes it takes many seeds and God will find the right people to bring these people you talked to, to Christ. You are doing a wonderful job and it’s our job to plant the seeds and talk to people, and it’s God’s job to reveal himself to them. I pray for all the prayers you are asking for and will continue to do so! You are all doing a fabulous job.


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