So today was very interesting. We were in Harlem which is about a 45 minute subway ride away. We didn’t arrive until almost 11AM. On the subway we were instructed to find a buddy in our group and share our testimony fairly loudly. I have to say I was very nervous about going to Harlem just because of the “buzz” I was hearing. I was honestly scared when we arrived. There was a street vendor across from Adam. It was a guy and his dad but we didn’t find that out until later and the son just kept using profanity and yelling, not at us, for over an hour. It’s just hard to hear that. As we started to send groups out to lunch we all pulled in a little closer but there were other instances of very upset individuals throughout the day. In the end it ended up being the most interesting place and a lot of fun. We prayed with 150 people and shared the gospel 125 times and had 12 people come to Christ. Now this was our group stats. 

I found that we got a lot of encouragement from believers in this area. They would stop by and tell us thank you for what we are doing. One guy thought we were from Brooklyn Tabernacle and told me that he had taken pictures of some of our groups and that he wanted to talk to his pastor about doing this where he lived in the Bronx. 

There was a lady that was a believer that I prayed with and when I was done she told me she had gotten off at the wrong subway station but God must have wanted her to be there to pray. There was a boy and his nanny on the way back from the doctor. He had a cold so I shared the bead bracelet with them and prayed. The Bracelet has colored beads that help tell the gospel. Green for creation, blue for sadness and sin, red for Jesus, yellow for restoration and clear for faith. They make it easy to share the gospel especially with kids. We shared with a large group of kids that were in a day camp passing by.  There were many more instances and I made note of each one today which is fun to look back on and to continue to pray for those people. I don’t have any pictures of me but decided to take some of Adam today.

Yesterday evening we went to Brooklyn Tabernacle for the prayer meeting. We were about 20 minutes late because we got to dinner late but man was it an experience. Everyone prays out loud and not just whispering but full out talking and this place is HUGE! At one point they handed out cards with specific prayer requests on them and we got into groups of 2-3 men with men and women with women and we prayed over these requests. They told us that they continue to pray over each request for 30 days. 

At the end the pastor had us get into groups of threes and pray for 1) our leaders 2) our church 3) our world. We paired up with another lady and as I prayed she would be saying yes Lord, thanks you Jesus, etc the entire time. Her prayer was full of energy and passion and she was able to go on. It was a great example to those of us that may be lacking in the prayer department!

It made me excited about attending some of the prayer services we have back at our church and really seeing that as a need.


The weather was great and it was a good thing because there was no shade where we were today!

Although we started off the day slow we definitely were able to share with a lot of people. 

We were protected and kept safe. We did have someone walk off with one of our bags but one of our team members caught it and got it back.

For relationships that are being formed among our team members. Everyone gets along well and we have really been able to connect and laugh together.

Our cord leader is wonderful and very encouraging!


The next two days are going to be very hot! Pray that we stay hydrated and that everyone is able to be comfortable and make it through.

The days are very long on our feet and especially at a prayer station where we stand the entire time. Additionally it’s getting to be the end of the week and you can tell everyone is getting tired. Pray for endurance and perseverance.

Pray for our safety as we encounter people that our not angry with us but with whatever is going on in their lives and pray their hearts would soften to hear what we have to say.

Pray for us to impact as many people as we can. We talked today about how if we were getting paid to survey people and only got paid for every completed survey we would ask every person. Help us to be bold in asking each person to pray or engage with us because their soul is at stake.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Sending you love, encouragement and prayers! You are all doing so well and God is with you and smiling upon you.


  2. This is so exciting! The Lord is using you. May He keep opening ❤️S. So glad you got to prayer meeting at Brooklyn Tab. I always wanted to experience and learn from it too! If you did not get my first reply earlier, I am one of your sisters in Irene’s prayer group. 😊


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