It was so incredibly hot today and our team was exhausted from the week. We gathered for worship and after worship we met and were told that we were going to use The Story wall in Washington Square Park. We were all very excited about this opportunity. The idea is to invite people to tell a story from their life, either a story of beginnings, obstacles, hope, or future. We then would try to transition to the gospel story.

It was all out in the sun and this made it very difficult. When we first arrived we set up the wall and I walked around the park with a member of our team that had hurt her knee. We had a bunch of extra breakfast food and so we were giving it away. I found some homeless people and gave out two bags of bread and two bags of bagels. I got to listen to the story of a women who two years ago had fallen and now she had seizures and was only able to work a little bit. She was a chef and had traveled the world but now relied on living in the city to be close to things. 

They came and took the story wall just before three and then we did some surveys. We talked to four different people. One was a Christian and so we took the opportunity to pray with her. Another was a man from France that had grow up Catholic and was very turned off by “religion.” We asked several questions but we were not there to argue. We talked to another man that also said he thought the world was created by God and that he would go to heaven. The last girl had heard the gospel before but it’s so hard to ask the correct questions to get her to think about her answers and beliefs. If anything we planted some seeds.


We made it though the week and we all learned and grew from it.

We made friends and got a chance to laugh and share our stories. We also learned a lot from one another. 


That our flight would be on time and there would be no issues. We need to be up and ready to go at 4:30AM.

That we would rest up and recouperate from the week as we all prepare to go back to our regular schedules next week.

Prayers that we would apply what we have learned here and not be fearful in sharing with those around us.

That the opportunities would present themselves and that we would notice them in our everyday lives. 


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Praying for travel mercies and rest. Once again – Well done good & faithful servants! God is smiling. Sending you lots of prayers and love. Irene


  2. Oh for all of us to notice and take opportunities. Sweet rest to all of you. Psalm 4:8 😴🛫

    Sharon , Irene’s friend/sister


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