My attitude SUCKS!

Warning: Raw feelings and thoughts ahead.

There I said it! Although I am realizing that I’m not the only one that struggles. I want, I want, I want. I want some peace and quiet. I want to go on vacation. I want to get some projects done. You get the idea. It struck me while I was in church last week that my attitude really sucks on many things but in particular on money. Adam and I honestly have never struggled with money but both of my parents filed for bankruptcy and it never seemed like we had enough money growing up. When I got my first “real” job in teaching I banked a ton of money and lived off a little. My parents and I each paid a third for college and I went to a state school. Adam had his college paid for and so we graduated with no debt and always contributed to 401Ks, 403Bs, Roth IRAs, etc. So why is money such an issue for me? Well it all boils down to FEAR! Fear of failure. Fear I won’t have enough. Fear I will make a mistake.


This should come as no surprise because I suffer from anxiety. I learned something new about the word fear though. It stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. I have a tendency to over think EVERY thing. Really does worrying help anything? I either need to let it go or act because the way I manage my money is something I DO have control over to some degree. Its all about perspective. How do I view my own financial situation among other things?

I wrote this post about 6 month ago and never finished this and have more thoughts about my attitude and perspective. In regards to finances, I am a firm believer that we have money for what is important to us. We all want to have more then we have no matter the amount we make. We all make choices on what we can and cannot buy. It’s interesting when I say “I can’t afford X” but then I purchase Y. What I really mean is that wasn’t a priority and that is ok! I also personally need to come from a position of trust. We lay out a budget and need to stick with it. Of course things come up and we can deal with them. When we were first married it was a lot simpler but now there are so many moving parts it can be hard to keep track of. We really have no issues here it all just comes from my anxiety and background. I’m trying to learn to let loose and have fun sometimes and not obsess about how much everything costs! It sucks the fun right out of it!

As far as attitude in other parts of my life…. I’ve been squeezed a lot lately and I haven’t liked what has come out. We were at Target the other day and Adam and two of the girls were ahead of us and I was with Kayla. Kayla needed to stop because her foot hurt so I responded to a text. It became clear that her shoes were hurting her and she needed carried. She is heavy and Adam was ahead so I carried her as far as I could and then put her down. When we got to the car I opened the door and got in and closed mine and a few second later Kayla began screaming. She has put in hand on the door jam and I had closed my door on her fingers! I felt awful but was instantly angry and mostly at myself but when Maya tried to help I snapped at her and then left to get some ice. I mad that Adam didn’t stay back so he could cary Kayla and then mad at myself for not noticing her hand and then for snapping at Maya! I could go into more detail about events before this as well but don’t want to bore you but they all are very self centered and have to do with me and my worry and anxiety… BOTTOM LINE!

Tonight as we were going over finances I got upset again. We had fraudulent charges and had to cancel our credit card and get new ones. It was several phone calls and now we won’t have our credit card for our trip in a couple of days! We will also have to change all the places that automatically charge our credit card, which is a big headache. The list of little things goes on and so do my outbursts.

So what is the point of all this? There needs to be some change. I find I get like this when I have too many things happening or going on and the stress comes at me in little bits and pieces until they end up in a large heap. I also need to remove myself from the situation and look at it as if a stranger would and assess is this really that big of a deal? I’m a perfectionist and expect myself to be perfect but I can’t possibly be nor can anyone else. I need to give myself a little grace. Also I need to not assume the worst of people. In the case of Target Adam didn’t know I needed help. Maya was actually going to suggest we had an instant ice pack in the van but I didn’t listen. I admitted I messed up and apologized to everyone before we even left Target but still it could have been avoided.

Where do you see yourself being squeezed and what are your tips for dealing with it?

Thanks for listening to my raw, jumbled thoughts tonight.



2 thoughts on “My attitude SUCKS!

  1. Jessica, I am so sorry for your anxiety and fear. Remember God does not want us to feel that way. I was a lot like you in having to have everything perfect when I was younger. I have learned over the years that it is not so important to have everything perfect. Also, I did everything very quickly. One of the important things I have learned with age, is that you can SLOW DOWN and not have everything perfect. Sometimes you just can’t have everything the way you want it, so just Let It Go! Peace is more important than anxiety and fear. So if you feel overwhelmed, which I think is what is happening to you, just slow down. When you feel so out of control, just stop in your tracks, take a deep breath and pray. Even if it’s in the middle of a store or on the sidewalk or sitting at a stoplight while you are driving. Just breathe and stop and pray. Then make a conscious effort to slow down. I hope that helps a little bit. Also, remember ALL of the blessings that you do have. A great husband, wonderful children, good friends and GOD. If you need to talk, just call me. I will try to be there for you when I can. Remember I do keep you and your family in prayer and will continue to do so. I love you all. Your Cousin/Aunt (whatever you want to call me) Irene


  2. I hear you & I have been right where you are. Trying to be perfect has all kinds of by- products, including anxiety & feeling stressed out. It has been a process years long (& continuing) for me to change my thinking habits to “grace thinking) : Preaching the truth from God’s word to myself is what has brought true change and continuing healing. I did a study on grace & learned that my perfectionism is my sinful way of managing (make that trying to manage!) the world around me and make myself “worthy” of God’s forgiveness. Once this became clear, I went through some months of repentance, & now repentance is part of my daily life. This is the way I have found peace – all through Jesus.


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