The importance of photos


Growing up my dad was always the one taking the photos. We ALWAYS moaned and groaned because we had to take another picture! Most of us take a TON of pictures of our kids but are we ever in any of the pictures? A couple of years ago we went to Disney and I forked over the dough for the PhotoPass. That way we could have our family pictures taken as much as we wanted and then download them at the end of our trip. This way I could be in the photos without having to always hand our phone over to a stranger. Why don’t I take more photos of myself? I don’t care about the way I look or I’m not the one doing something cute and funny! BUT after talking with another mom months ago who hated being in photos more then I, I had a realization.

See my dad died when I was pregnant with my first child. My mom died just about 1.5 years ago. When those things happen you tend to look through old photos to put on display and I realized there were photos of my parents but not a ton of them. There were more of my dad then my mom. Now these were the only link between me and them. My kids aren’t going to remember a lot of what we did growing up but they will be able to look at pictures. Although I was present at EVERY event, preparing, cheering, etc. will they remember? Probably not, so I feel it’s important to have pictures. Also they like to see us change and progress just as much as we want to see them change and progress throughout life. What better memories can we pass down to our kids?

So the next time you pull out your phone have someone else take the picture. Or do a crazy family selfie. Pass the camera around and even let the kids take pictures. Get everyone involved and take lots of pictures. You just never know when they will be all you have left of someone.



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