Why Perspectives?

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time now but always found that the successful ones always focused on one topic. I knew my personality and knew I couldn’t just focus on one topic so I had to figure out how to organize all the things I love in one place. I have many perspectives in life and many things I love including God, music, homeschooling, cooking, and health. I hope you will look around and enjoy some or all of the information I have to share. I love to help people and hope to reach more people through a public forum.

The site also has a sort of double meaning because I really feel the world is full of various perspectives and no matter how hard we try not to see the world through certain “glasses” (Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Mormon, etc.) we all do see the world based on what we believe. Add to that our experiences in life and it creates a crazy mix of perspectives. How do we balance those? How do we respond to other who think similarly or differently? This is my attempt to work thought this via a blog.


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